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When Fucking Spring Is in the Air

112' Dir. Danyael Sugawara Sc. Danyael Sugawara · Heleen Suèr Prod. Oak Motion Pictures Sales. Wide

When Fucking Spring Is in the Air

Danyael Sugawara

Spunky feel-good road movie about Polish Kasia - 17, rebellious and pregnant - and her fucked up family.

Kasia is a rebellious teenager: headstrong, fearless and streetwise. Her parents left her when she was three, so she grew up with her grandmother. But now Kasia is pregnant, and she's about to seek redress from her biological parents who live in Germany. But once in Hamburg, everything turns out to be different to what she thought, and her family is not at all like she expected…

Main Category: Cross-over · Feature Film
Original Film Title: When Fucking Spring Is in the Air
Production Year: 2022
Running Time: 112
Original Language: Dutch · German · Polish
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Danyael Sugawara
Filmography Director: a.o. KING OF THE ROAD (2019, feature), THE MOST BEAUTFUL THING IN THE WORLD (2015, feature) UPSTREAM (2009, feature).
Screenwriter: Danyael Sugawara · Heleen Suèr
Camera: Adam Palenta
Cast: Ada Szczepaniak · Cezary Lukascieweicz · Guido Pollemans · Julia Kijowska · Nadine Ignas
Main Production Company: OAK Motion Pictures
Main Production - Person(s): Trent
Main Production Company Phone: +31 20 717 2504
Main Production Company E-mail: trent@oakmotionpictures.com
Main Production Company Website: www.oakmotionpictires.com
Co-production company: Heimathafen Film · Y-House Films
Sales Agent: Wide
Sales Agent website: https://www.widemanagement.com/