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From That Moment On, Everything Changed

2021 / 15' Dir. Eef Hilgers Prod. Cerutti Film

From That Moment On, Everything Changed

Eef Hilgers

Eight children bring colour to a white studio explaining the moment their parents told them they were getting divorced.

What do you do when your life is suddenly turned upside down? In the documentary ‘From that moment on, everything changed’, eight children (7 - 15 years old) bring you back to the moment their parents told them that they were getting divorced. In a white studio, the children add color to all the details they still can remember. How do you deal with all these questions, thoughts and emotions that are running through your head at that moment? And how did these children managed to deal with this?

Main Category: Documentary · Kids & Youth · Short
Expected Completion: October 2021
Sticker Text: Family
Original Film Title: Vanaf toen was alles anders
English Film Title: From That Moment On, Everything Changed
Production Year: 2021
Running Time: 15
Original Language: Dutch
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Eef Hilgers
Filmography Director: Vanaf dat moment was alles anders // From that moment on, everything changed (2021) Jeugddocumentaire / EO / 15 min Cinekid 2021 JAY (2020) Onderdeel van jeugdserie ‘Mensjesrechten’/ EO / 15 min Face the future (2018) Korte documentaire / 10 min / VPRO / Onderdeel van ‘game of phones’ #Pestverhaal (2018) // #Bullyingstory Jeugddocumentaire / EO / 15 min Cinekid 2018 - nominatie beste jeugd non-fictie , IDFA 2018, Berlinale 2019 - Special Mention Children Jury, Chicago International Childrens Film Festival Als je bij me weggaat (2018) Onderdeel van jeugdserie ‘Mensjesrechten’/ EO / 15 min SHAME/FAME (2017) Documentaire / BNN-VARA / 25 min NFF 2017 Bikkels (2013 - 2016) // Tough cookie Jeugdserie / VPRO / 3 seizoenen / 25 min per aflevering Rocky Award Children Non Fiction’ en de Cinekid Kinderkastprijs Non Fictie Wij blijven vrienden (2014) Jeugdserie / VARA / 7 min per aflevering Cinekid 2014 Lieve k#ttelefoon (2014) // My dearest facking phone Jeugdocumentaire / IKON / 18 min IDFA 2014, Cinekid 2014, DokLeipzig 2014, Een meisje, je weet zelf (2012) // Just a girl, you know jeugdocumentaire/ 20 min/ VPRO IDFA 2012, NFF 2012 (nominatie Dioraphte award), TENT Academy award 2012
Main Production Cie.: Cerutti Film
Main Production company person: Willemijn Cerutti
Main Production Company Phone: +31650208648
Main Production Company E-mail: willemijn@ceruttifilm.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.ceruttifilm.nl
Co-production company: De Co-producent